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Experience: a) reflected perception, which can be compared with prior perceptions and can be processed linguistically. See also events, perception, sensations, empiricism.
b) an event that is processed in the consciousness of a subject. No mere imagination. See also events, imagination, consciousness.

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Humberto Maturana on Experience - Dictionary of Arguments

I 216
Experience / Maturana: all dimensions in the range of experiences exist in the language, i.e. as coordination of actions between observers. >Observation/Maturana.
I 228
Experience / Maturana: primarily compared to explanation - all experience comes from nowhere - e.g. a car that passed us - Understanding: always happens in practice - I 311 life practice and experience just happen - explanations are superfluous. >Explanation/Maturana.
I 352
Experience/Maturana: is content-free. In our experience, we encounter not things, not objects nor nature. We live in the experience of life practice as something that we produce ourselves at any moment. Cf. >language/Maturana.

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Maturana I
Umberto Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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