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Event: A change of state. The event itself has no duration, otherwise the beginning and the end of the event would have to have their own duration or the beginning and the end of an event in turn would be independent events. See also regress, process, flux, change, states.

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II 75
Event/opportunity/possibilia/Disposition/Goodman: Possible physical events: If one says that k is flexible at the time s so one actually describes a fictional event that is taking place at the time s on k. The real event is no Biggen. But if you call it a possible Biggen so you subsume it only under the disposition predicate "flexible".
II 76
But if I know that the train has arrived on time, then any talk of a possible disaster is to be understood quite differently. Statements of this second kind raise the urgent translation problem.
II 77
One can move fictitious mountains to London in true statements, simply by applying on London a certain continuation of the predicate "mountainous".
II 78
Statements about what is possible do not need to exceed the boundaries of the real world. We often confuse a description of the real world with it itself.

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