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Sensation: ability to detect differences between own inner states related to stimuli. Sensations are fundamentally for perceptions and unlike them not linked to linguistic abilities. See also sensory impression, impression, perception, stimulation, stimuli, emotion, experience.

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I 114
Ryle: sensations are behavioral dispositions. (RortyVs).
VI 407
You never know how red feels without knowing that it is different from blue, or that it is a color, etc.
There is no raw material of sensation.
- - -
Frank I 597
Def sensation/Rorty: not perception (not acquisition of opinions), but the entities that we report with sentences like "I had a sensation of red". (Simple, unanalyzed).
Def perception/Rorty: acquisition of opinions (unlike simple sensation).
Frank I 600
Inner perception/Rorty: everything mental is internally perceptible and vice versa - but it is not a characteristic of the mental that e.g. the perception of an upset stomach is not considered a case of inner perception, because indeed the object is physical. - So we can only determine inner perception if we have previously clarified the concept of the mental. - Non-spatiality may not be a characteristic - e.g. mass has no shape. - Solution: no state of an object has a shape or size anyway.
- - -
Rorty VI 407
Sensation/Rorty: there is no raw material of sensation. - Davidson: nevertheless senses play merely a causal role.

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Ro I
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Ro V
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Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
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R. Rorty
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