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Electron example: a representative for thought experiments related to unobservable entities and consequences of unobservability for the construction of theories. See also theories, observation terms, observation language, unobservable, theoretical terms, theoretical entities, theory language.
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Rorty VI 198/99
We get paradoxical consequences if one denies that there were truths in terms of photons before the appearance of the word "photon". Example: chain of inferences:
1 Five million years ago there were photons
2 It was then the case that there were photons
3 It is true that it was the case at that time that there were photons
4 It was true then, that there were photons.
Rorty: because there is of course nothing wrong, but there were philosophers who criticized it: Heidegger: "before Newton Newton's laws have been neither true nor false."

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