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Unicorn example, philosophy: the problem is about linguistic expressions for non-existent objects and principles of using these expressions. In logic it comes to the question of whether sentences containing expressions for non-existent objects are true, false, or senseless. See also Pegasus, nonexistence, reference, truth value, truth conditions, assertibility, meaning, sense, truth value gap.
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III 193
Unicorn/Non-existence/Goodman: Primary Extension: All scores never listed have the same (i.e. no) performances as performance objects. Like Unicorn images and Centaur images. In an indirect sense in which they are images of different things they are also the scores of "various works". In none of the cases is a difference in the primary extension.
IV 117
We do not share fictional images and descriptions on the basis that we have tested something what they depict or describe, but just as we divide furniture into chairs - on that basis that we have learned the use of predicates.

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