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II 173
Unity of science / Vollmer: the differential equations, which are used in a variety of disciplines, do not yet provide the unity - Similarity and Isomorphism provide no identity: - E.g. gravitational, electrostatic forces and magnetic forces obey the same formulas: they are inversely proportional to the square of the distance - but that makes these forces by no means identical. Although it could point to a deep relationship - Compatibility is not sufficient for unity - that the laws must be derived from each other - real reduction: Optics are reducibla to electrodynamics - because light rays are electromagnetic waves - not because they are isomorphic.

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Vollmer I
G. Vollmer
Was können wir wissen? Bd. I Die Natur der Erkenntnis. Beiträge zur Evolutionären Erkenntnistheorie Stuttgart 1988

Vollmer II
G. Vollmer
Was können wir wissen? Bd II Die Erkenntnis der Natur. Beiträge zur modernen Naturphilosophie Stuttgart 1988

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