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Property: what can be ascribed to an object in order to distinguish it from other objects. In philosophy, there is debate about whether properties exist or whether "bare particulars" exist. Expressions for properties are predicates. Not every predicate will refer to a property. See also quantification over properties, 2nd order logic, HOL, completeness.

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Gottlob Frege on Properties - Dictionary of Arguments

II 74
Properties/Frege: properties will be predicated by a concept. A concept may fall under a higher one (> number).
Something can simultaneously be property and feature, but not of the same thing! A feature of a concept may be the property of an object.
- - -
I 76
Def Property/Frege: I call the concepts, under which an object falls its properties.
"Property of" is the inverse of "falls under".
E.g. numbers
Instead of saying,
"2 is a positive number," and
"2 is an integer" and
"2 is less than 10", we can also say:
"2 is a positive integer less than 10."
Here, being a positive number, being an integer, and being less than 10 appear as properties of the object 2 and at the same time as a feature of the concept.
(The difference between feature and property is not that between concept and object).
- - -
Stalnaker I 181
Distinction object/properties: pro: Tractatus/>Wittgenstein - pro: >Kripke - Vs: >Searle/>Dummett/>Frege.

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