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Disposition, philosophy: the tendency for a certain behavior that is not yet occurred at the present time. Problem Statements containing dispositional terms, cannot be determined in their truth value, as the relevant event has not yet occurred. In classic logic can even be concluded that a sentence containing a dispositional term will be trivially true as long as the relevant circumstances are not realized. See also dispositional terms, counterfactual conditionals, law statements.

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II 58f
Disposition/Goodman: I suspect that dispositions are less problematic than subjunctive conditionals, which sounds weird, given that both can be completely transformed into one another.
Vs: there can easily be given circumstances (for example, lack of oxygen) under which the disposition statement is true and the subjunctive conditional (counterfactual conditional) is wrong. One would have to translate more carefully:
  If the condition had been favorable .....
The key point is that the disposition statement is weaker.> Circumstances.
II 61
Hidden Variable/Goodman: It is misleading to regard the problem of disposition as the one of explanation of hidden properties. I do not want to say that there is some object like the property burnable or the property of "burning". There are just predicates that produce relations.
II 65
Essential features/nature/Goodman: It does not matter how much essential a property is, but how it relates to the manifest property. The problem of disposition is in the definition of this type of connection.
II 69
When you come to the conclusion, the occurrence of a specific spectrum is a good indication for the flexibility, then you can define the predicate "under force or under spectroscopic examination flexible" and its opposite (not flexible).

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