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Disjunction: linking two or more statements by an inclusive "or". The disjunction is only false when all disjuncts are false. Notation v. See also adjunction, alternation, conjunction, compound sentences.
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Contrast-class/Bromberger/Explanation/Fraassen: E.g. why (it is the case that) P in contrast to (other elements of) X? - X: Contrast-Class - set of alternatives - P may belong to X or not - e.g. why this temperature instead of another? - ((s)> disjunctive predicates) - - e.g. why is this person suffering from paresis - because previously Syphilis - why from this syphilis patient: here there is no answer - Individual/Fraassen: is never explained - only qua event of a certain type - Vscontrast class: dos not exclude irrelevance - still a problem: asymmetry: e.g. length of the shadow.

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B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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