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Determinism, philosophy: the idea that events and mental states occur due to strict laws and are therefore determined in advance. For a prediction one only has to know the environmental conditions. The fact that we do not know if determinism is true is sometimes explained by our incomplete knowledge of the environment. See also indeterminism, strict laws, prediction, probability, probabilism.
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I 201
Determinism / Cartwright: deterministic motions are continuous - indeterministic: discontinuous - Cartwright: the existing energies choose whether deterministic or indeterministic - hence determinism is a true, but random physical characteristics - I 202 Cartwright / Leibowitz: according to Cartwrights indeterministic developments are also natural and therefore need no explanation. They are no disturbances and therefore do not need reasons.

Car I
N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

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