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Demonstratives: E.g. this, that, that one. Problems in language use bcause of lack of clarity when referring back to prior description. - In logic missing expressibility of uniqueness. See also anaphora, deixis, relations, logical proper names, index words, indexicality, iota operator.
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EMD II 349
Truth Theory/Davidson/Kripke: With demonstratives: e.g. "This is bigger than that" is true in the mouth of speaker s at t if the thing to which he refers to with "this" is greater than the thing to which he refers to with "that" at t. - Ambiguity: e.g. "John went to the bank" is true in the mouth of the speaker if either the word "bank" is an extension (in the mouth of speaker s at t) for the financial institutions (plural) and John went to a financial institution, or is an extension of a park bench and John went to a park bench.

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