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Ceteris paribus: Philosophy of Science - "all other things being equal". Requirement for conducting experiments. In practice virtually never met, inter alia because of the difficulty to assess the relevance of the factors. See also experiments, theories, science, methods, thought experiments.
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Ceteris Paribus/Fraassen: Problem: it is impossible to determine the content, because it varies from context to context. FraassenVsCounterfactual Conditional/Fraassen: Problem: Correct: if David had not slept the night before, he would not have heard the alarm. - Problem: the cause should not be that he went to bed. - Solution/Lewis: the counterfactual conditional sorts out the nodes in the causal network. - "Because": points to specific factors. - Ceteris Paribus: the fixed factors are in the mind of the speaker. - They are speaker-dependent.

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B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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