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Ceteris paribus: Philosophy of Science - "all other things being equal". Requirement for conducting experiments. In practice virtually never met, inter alia because of the difficulty to assess the relevance of the factors. See also experiments, theories, science, methods, thought experiments.
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Ceteris Paribus Laws/CPL/Cartwright: not "The other things are assumed to be the same", but "the other things are assumed to be correct" - different version: as "substitute": laws that are not quite right, but fulfill the same function - then "cp" is a modifier - then they do not apply to quite as many cases - CPL: and these are wrong! Unknown laws cannot be a reason to say E.g. the angle is so and so because it is different in the purely isotropic medium.
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Bet on unknown laws.
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CPL only describe processes as long as a single cause exists.

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N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

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