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Picture: an object which is in a specified relationship to another object. The objects may originate from different areas such as experience and imagination or from similar areas (lighting and photography) or from the same domain as in the forgery. Mathematics here the required relation is defined a function.
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Danto I 64
Picture/Wittgenstein: a picture shows how the world should look like, if it reflects the world as it is - it shows the conditions that must be satisfied if the world should look like this - ((s)> Cresswell II).
I 66
DantoVs: E.g. a picure of the Holy Trinity is still a picture "of" the Trinity, even if God does not exist or if the world does not exist.
"Of": ambiguous: a) Classification: E.g. dog pictures, man pictures - b) representation.
Wittgenstein II 104
Picture/Description/Wittgenstein: when describing a picture, the picture is not in every word - the picture corresponds to a sentence.

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