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Denotation, naming: specify a word or phrase for an object. Related terms description designation.

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I 257
Indefinite terms do not denote objects - An indefinite singular terms must therefore be in a purely denoting position: E.g. "The tax auditor is looking for someone" (position denoting - "someone" not denoting).
"Purely denoting" unambiguous (substitutability of identity) not: "Tullius was a Roman" is
trochaic - E.g. tax auditor/director -> propositional attitudes - expression in quote marks not purely denoting - ambiguous reference - every truth function is transparent for denotation.
Words denote - sentences do not. (No singular term) - Nevertheless, a sentence has a meaning: the singular term formed by bracketing of the sentence (no proposition) - Proposition here: completion of correct sentence to a timeless one - timeless sentence "The door is open": which door? denotes nothing.
I 413f
Object: what is denoted by singular terms, names, accepted as values ​​- (But singular term eliminated!) - E.g. "glimmer", but not "glimmeriness".
II 61 ff
Naming: Name or singular term - denoting: predict - both are referencing, not meaning
various descriptions can name the same thing but have different meaning.
VII 10ff
Singular term/Quine: must not denote - gap between meaning and denotation.
- - -
VII 48ff
Singular terms/Quine: designate ("name"). - A general term: means (denotes). - (> description).
VII 140
Purely denoting position/Quine: E.g. "Giorgione was called so because of his size"- "so" not purely denoting - right: "Giorgione was called Giorgione because..." - then usable: "Barbarelli was called Giorgione because..." - missing substitutability signals not purely denoting position - one might say: The following incidents were - non-denoting: "9" and "Evening Star" or "number of planets" in (15) - (17) but it is not about that. The point is that the substitution makes true statements false.

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