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Consciousness, philosophy: The experience of differences along with a freedom of choice as opposed to purely automatic responses. See also intentionality, identity theory, other minds.
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I 182
Consciousness / Ryle: no attention (regress) - no difference in having and noting - attention is also no inspection. - Attention is not theorizing
Attention: not to draw conclusions - no second act - unobservable.
I 236ff
Attention / consciousness / RyleVsTradition / Ryle: no permanent recollection. RyleVsphosphorescence theory. - Assuming no internal plan, to be willing to take the next step. Not to have forgotten: no memory. I 241 to be up to date: no 2nd order action - self-awareness / consciousness / other minds: just as one can know of others, too.

Ry I
G. Ryle
Der Begriff des Geistes Stuttgart 1969

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