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Provability: Logic statements are only provable within the system to which they belong. The question then is, among other things, whether the means of expression of the system are sufficient for the presentation of evidence to the statements.

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VII 160f
Truth/Provability/Langford: although the following schemes are in the quantifier provable, the corresponding rates are not logically true: (1) (Ex) (Fx v ~ Fx ) - (2) (x) Fx > (Ex) Fx - their truth depends on whether there is something that is referred to it, or whether the universe is not simply empty - QuineVs: analyticity says nothing about existence - QuineVs: Error: " Fa v ~ Fa " implies not logical "(Ex) (Fx v ~ Fx) " - although we accept that a logically true sentence is implied by any but Langford cannot do that - this takes the existential generalization - also VsLangford: from propositions that contain the meaning of "a" and "F" as constituents , one cannot derive existence - Likelihood of word and object - instead of the existence of objects one could simply assume the existence of the proposition - but meaning is not an "entity" - Langford/Quine: he is right when he concludes "a exists" from an atom sentence "Fa" , but not from " ~ Fa " - (( s ) separately.)

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