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Proof in logic, mathematics: finite string of symbols, which derives a statement in a system from the axioms of the system together with already proven statements.
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I 211
Experiment / proof / tradition: a proof does not refer to the physical world. (VsTradition: this is wrong.) We can perform a proof in our head, or even when we are stuck in a reality simulator in which virtual reality false physics applies.
I 212
Traditional idea: certain abstract sizes are not only part of the reality, but even more real than the things of the physical world. (Pythagoras).
I 237f
Proof / David Deutsch: physical process - difference: size and knowledge of this size - theory: aim: not certainty but explanation - Physics is totally understandable - Mathematical intuition is incompatible with classical physics> Quantum Theory.

Deu I
D. Deutsch
Die Physik der Welterkenntnis M√ľnchen 2000

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