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Motion: spatial variation of one or more observed or not observed objects in time. Problems arising in connection with attribution or withdrawal of predicates. See also change, temporal identity, process, flux, vectors.
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Esfeld I 226 ~
Movement / change / Bennett: e.g."String": be a number of similar points in space in front of a background: movement: description of this string - not things in the room move, but: loss and acquisition of properties in different individuals - ((s) Vs: then you can not even to speak of things that acquire or lose these properties) - Bennett / Esfeld: a moving object is no longer the same.
Jonathan Bennett
I Bennett Die Strategie des Bedeutungs-Nominalismus aus Meggle (Hrsg) Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Frankf/M 1979
Es I
M. Esfeld
Holismus Frankfurt/M 2002

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