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Best explanation: preference for one hypothesis over others. The choice can be done within a theory or result in the transition to another theory. See also explanation.
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Best explanation / BE / Harman / Fraassen: not committed to adopting unobservable entities - I 22 FraassenVsBE: even if I am obliged to say that a theory is either true or false, I am not obliged to conclude it! - I am when I’m determined not to remain neutral - Simplicity: does not commit me on a theory that I do not believe - false solution: to assume just a second (false) theory, and then to use the BE in order to choose the other - to follow normal patterns of inference does not make realists of us all - ((s) otherwise the anti-realism would have to be logically false).

Fr I
B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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