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Horwich I 463
Confirmation/Reference/Empiricism/Evidence/Davidson/Rorty: the lines of confirmation are not parallel to those of the reference. This is due to epistemic holism. - The knowledge of the former is the knowledge of the language, the one of the latter an empirical theory about the meaning (to mean) of the language. - This is also a history about the causal roles within the language behaviour in the interaction with the environment.
Confirmation/Wittgenstein/Davidson: not by "evidence". - No link with causality - otherwise "meanings" as entities.

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D. Davidson
Der Mythos des Subjektiven Stuttgart 1993

D. Davidson
Handlung und Ereignis Frankfurt 1990

D. Davidson
Wahrheit und Interpretation Frankfurt 1990

Hor I
P. Horwich (Ed.)
Theories of Truth Aldershot 1994

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