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Observability: this is about the question of the limits of the observability of objects of science. See also theoretical terms, observation language, observation terms, observation sentence, existence, reality.

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I 90
Observability / Peacocke: Thesis: o. is a property of certain terms and not of other terms - the phenomena that are crucial to the concept of observability, are the ones corresponding to the individuation of Fregean thoughts and their constituents: the phenomena of cognitive significance and the epistemic possibility - that has nothing to do with the correct use of the word "observe".
I 103
Observability / PeacockeVsQuine: does not depend on the sophistication and training of the observer nor with the level of science - ((s) because of Peacockes stronger emphasis on the perceptual component.)

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Pea I
Chr. R. Peacocke
Sense and Content Oxford 1983

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