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Acquaintance: direct handling and contact with a subject matter about which statements are to be made as a basis for knowledge. Antonym to knowledge through description.
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Acquaintance / Russell: with sense-data, complexes (aRb), immediate memory, universals - objects are found as a component in thought. PeacockeVsRussell: we reinterpret that: the object specifies the type of the way of givennes - objects appearintensionally in thought, not extensionally. - object as a characteristic of a type of a way of givenness in causal antecedents and consequences of thoughts - descriptive explanation of action / possible world: requires no acquaintance Example (s) of the winner has won the prize - demonstrative: requires acquaintance: ((s) the winner has a beard. ) - acquaintance / Peacocke: something quite different from identification between worlds.

Pea I
Chr. R. Peacocke
Sense and Content Oxford 1983

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