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Assertion: a statement that goes beyond mere writing down of a sentence or a string of characters. By the assertion the subject is committed to certain other claims. See also score keeping, inferences, speech acts, statements.

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E. Tugendhat on Assertions - Dictionary of Arguments

I 244
Assertion/Asymmetry/Tugendhat: the affirmation or negation both times refer to something on the part of the speaker, not on the part of the listener - therefore, the situation does not correspond to the stimulus-reaction scheme
I 273
Game/Profit/Tugendhat: important because it is about the motivation to take over one or the other side in the game - mixing of assertion and responsibility
I 279
Assertion/Object/Truth//Tugendhat: what is characteristic about the assertoric speech is that it is based on truth and therefore it is object-based - we can call these objects "facts" or "thoughts" or "propositions" - unlike Frege : not truth as an object
I 281 ~
Assertion is a necessary part of meaning, because the truth conditions are part of the meaning >assertion stroke, judgment stroke/Frege.

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Tu I
E. Tugendhat
Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die Sprachanalytische Philosophie Frankfurt 1976

E. Tugendhat
Philosophische Aufsätze Frankfurt 1992

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