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Assertibility: in certain circumstances or in a historical situation the possibility to make a statement when the linguistic means are given.
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I 26ff
It is not the case that P is T iff. it is not the case that P is T.
This is not valid for justified assertibility from right to left. Assertibility is naturally weaker.
I 26
Justified Assertibility/Negation: Ignorance: P is not justifiably assertible, but neither is its negation.
Truth/Ignorance: something may very well be true, even though nothing is known about it.
Truth/Justified Assertibility: E.g. snow is white: the decision about truth and assertibility may diverge here.
I 51 Deflationism: true only means of affirmation, therefore not a standard different from assertibility.
A statement can be justified without being true and vice versa.
Field II 120
Assertibility/Wright/Putnam: is the only substantial property. - Because truth is not a property. - Field: both do go next to each other, because they diverge - truth goes deeper.
Wright I 35 Justified Assertibility/Assertibility/Negation: E.g. it is not the case that P is T iff. it is not the case that P is T - This is not valid for justified assertibility from right to left - in case of ignorance, the negation is not assertible either.
I 52 ~~
Truth: timeless - justified assertibility: not timeless.
I 68 ~
Def Super-Assertibility: a statement is super-assertible if it is justified or can be justified and if its justification survived both any scrutiny of its descent and arbitrarily extensive additions and improvements to the information. - Ideal Circumstances/Putnam: timeless - Super-A no external standard, but our own practice - metaphysically neutral.
I 81 ~
Super-Assertibility/Wright: Thesis: comic and moral truths can be considered as varieties of super-assertibility. - (s) Because everything we can learn in the future comes from our own practice, we are immune to fundamental surprises.
I 102f ~
Super-Assertibility/Wright: suitable for discourses whose standards are made by us: moral, humor.
I 115 ~~
Super-Assertibility/Field/Mackie: the T predicates for mathematics or morality cannot be interpreted in terms of the S-A. - Therefore, the super-assertible need not be true in discourse. - The difference S-A/truth goes back to this.

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