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Term scope: according to Frege a class, to which the concept applies, not the concept itself.
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II 28
Term Scope/Frege: if two concepts have the same scope, two functions have accordingly the same value range.
I 100/101
Def Number/Amount/Frege: the set which belongs to the concept F is the scope of the concept "numerically equal to the concept F".
I 100
Scope/Term Scope/Frege: if straight line a is parallel to the straight line b, then the scope of the concept "straight line parallel to straight line a" is equal to the scope of the concept "straight line parallel to straight line b", and vice versa. - Equality of term scope.
IV 96
Subject/Predicate/Concept/Term Scope/Frege: E.g. "All A are B" - false: that A was "subject" and B was "predicate" - correct: the predicate "is part of the class" - "Some"/FregeVsSchröder "some" is not a subject.
IV 98/99
"Some" does not always designate the same part of a class. - This leads to contradictions "some" is considered as the subject.
IV 99
Universal Quantification/Frege: = class below class. - Existential quantification: individual below class.
IV 100
"Are" and "is" have no content. - I.e.they are copula and not an identity.
IV 95
Class/Frege: term scope, not concept.
IV 108
Term Scope/Scope/Frege: does not have its existence in the individuals, but in the concept itself, i.e. in what is said about an object.
IV 112
Scope/Concept/Term Scope/Frege: the scope does not consist of the objects that fall under the concept like a forest consists of trees, but it only has a grip in the concept itself. - ((s) Thus, research may reveal that nothing falls under the concept).

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