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Conceptual scheme: language and assumed objects. - The content is provided by stimulus influences.

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I 41/42
Third Dogma/Conceptual Scheme/DavidsonVsQuine: Scheme: language along with ontology and world theory - Contents: build exemplary firing of the neurons - (in Quine instead of sense data) - QuineVsDavidson: Separation not intended, only to appears in Davidson's presentation like this - The concept of the uninterpretable content is necessary, however, to make conceptual relativism clear - conceptual relativism: the conceptual scheme is a human creation, arbitrary. - "Conceptual sovereignty".
I 44
DavidsonVsQuine: there are no last data, therefore no subtraction.
I 87 ~
Conceptual Scheme/Separation Scheme/Content >relativism - "stream of experience" - "uninterpreted givenness" - conceptual relativism.
I 96
Scheme/Contents: have come into play as a pair, (Cl. Lewis) now we can let them drop out as pair - then no objects remain, in terms of which the question of representation could be raised - beliefs are true or false, but they represent nothing!
I 98
Third Dogma/Scheme/Content/Error/Delusion/Davidson: Deception no longer a problem after the abolition of the separation scheme/content, no matter whether we are capable of knowing the world and other minds - all the more: how - but these are no epistemological questions anymore now, but questions of the nature of rationality.
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K. Glüer, Davidson zur Einführung, 1993
Glüer II 133
Incommensuralibilty presumes the separation scheme/content (3rd Dogma).

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D. Davidson
Der Mythos des Subjektiven Stuttgart 1993

D. Davidson
Handlung und Ereignis Frankfurt 1990

D. Davidson
Wahrheit und Interpretation Frankfurt 1990

K. Glüer
D. Davidson Zur Einführung Hamburg 1993

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