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Meaning theory: a theory that seeks to explain the meaning of meaning. Problem the concept of meaning and truth seem to presuppose each other.

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Meaning Theory/ instead of "notes" better: "theory T includes .. " - Then the entailment is a relation between the theory and an utterance of the speaker, claiming the entailment - then T is a logical consequence of a sentence that is synonymous with my utterance of snow is true ... if ... " - Which brings the concept of synonymy in, but is not circular , because that s what we wanted for the notion of translation . - This is the translation theory we have already attributed to the translator - EMD 41 II a is impossible because it will cover no strict indexical elements - (not a problem for truth th.).
- - -
K. Glüer, Davidson zur Einführung, 1993
Glüer II 18
Meaning / A. truth-conditional semantics (Davidson)
B. verification theory of meaning. ( Dummett, Putnam, Habermas) - All verification theories suppose the verifiability of the assumed relationship- a) powerful version: a sentence is understood by someone who knows that it s true - b ) weaker: Understanding is the knowledge of the verification process. (Dummett, Vienna Circle) - or acceptability: Putnam and Habermas) - then a person understands a sentence, who knows how it is verified or when it will be accepted as true.
- - -
Dummett III 137
Theory of meaning / axioms / Davidson: "Oxford" means Oxford: is not about the city of Oxford , that it is called by the name "Oxford", but the reverse : about the name "Oxford", that it refers to the city of Oxford - which is more than mere knowledge of reference.
- - -
Schiffer I 3 / Davidson: thesis: it should have the shape of an extensional , finally axiomatized truth theory of L in the Tarski - style. And somehow be relative to statements - Lewis: truth conditions must be taken into account - Schiffer: but nothing follows in terms of the shape of the - Dummett: and theory of understanding are the same.

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