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Meaning: Differs from the reference object (reference). The object does not have to exist for an expression to have a meaning. Words are not related to objects in a one-to-one correspondence. There is an important distinction between word meaning and sentence meaning. See also use theory, sentence meaning, reference, truth.

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I Tugendhat 187
Meaning/Wittgenstein: "the meaning of the word is what explains the explanation of the meaning" (Philosophical Investigations/PI § 560 ) - Tugendhat: purely linguistic, therefore there is no object for which the meaning stands - characterization - declaration - understanding -> use theory - > Dummett.
Hintikka I 234
Meaning/Wittgenstein/Hintikka: early: understanding of a binary relation - middle period: learning of rules (problem : singular ostension) - late: mastering of a technique.
I 268
Meaning/language game/Wittgenstein/Hintikka : now there is no language game given to us that would give a meaning to a particular expression.
II 81
Word/meaning/word meaning/Wittgenstein: the word has a meaning in itself - it cannot be something else - something you might not know - however: the rules are not something that the word has got in itself - they describe later use.
III 220
Meaning/Wittgenstein/late/Flor: no application conditions - a word has meaning also if there is no concrete asserting condition - a word has no meaning "in itself" - (( s)> use theory).

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L. Wittgenstein
Vorlesungen 1930-35 Frankfurt 1989

L. Wittgenstein
Das Blaue Buch - Eine Philosophische Betrachtung Frankfurt 1984

L. Wittgenstein
Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Frankfurt/M 1960

Hin I
Jaakko and Merrill B. Hintikka
The Logic of Epistemology and the Epistemology of Logic Dordrecht 1989

J. Hintikka/M. B. Hintikka
Untersuchungen zu Wittgenstein Frankfurt 1996

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