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Meaning: Differs from the reference object (reference). The object does not have to exist for an expression to have a meaning. Words are not related to objects in a one-to-one correspondence. There is an important distinction between word meaning and sentence meaning. See also use theory, sentence meaning, reference, truth.

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John R. Searle

I 66
Naturalization of content: separation consciousness - intentionality (SearleVs) SearleVsPutnam/Searle: meanings are in your head (Intentionality).
II 25 ff
Meanings in the head (VsPutnam) because perception is self-related - perception provides self fulfilling conditions.
II 255
Meaning: Searle in mind, fulfilling conditions of intentionality - Putnam: not in the head, conditions in the world have crucial indexical determination, not the concept fixes the meaning - Searle: meaning not determined by ideolect. - > elm/beech, > twin Earth.
V 69
Meaning goes beyond the intention. It is usually a matter of convention.
V 68
Chess/Searle: the figures usually have no meaning, and who makes a move usually means nothing.
IV 157
Meaning/Searle: depends on the context - like other non-conventional succession of forms of intentionality.
VI 159
Ultimately, meaning depends on our perception as a basic form of intentionlity.

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J. R. Searle
Die Wiederentdeckung des Geistes Frankfurt 1996

J.R. Searle
Intentionalität Frankfurt 1991

J. R. Searle
Die Konstruktion der gesellschaftlichen Wirklichkeit Hamburg 1997

J.R. Searle
Ausdruck und Bedeutung Frankfurt 1982

J. R. Searle
Sprechakte Frankfurt 1983

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