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Meaning: Differs from the reference object (reference). The object does not have to exist for an expression to have a meaning. Words are not related to objects in a one-to-one correspondence. There is an important distinction between word meaning and sentence meaning. See also use theory, sentence meaning, reference, truth.

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I 64
Quine has revolutionized our understanding of communication by having shown that there is not more about meaning than what a person with the associated facilities is able to learn by observing.
Causal theory of meaning VsDescartes : senses do not matter - only in learning, but then contingent ( Vsscepticism )
I 47
Def meaning (interpretation) of a sentence is given by the fact that the sentence is assigned a semantic space in the structure of records that make up a language . The meaning of a sentence consists in being the holder of this place and no other place in the macro structure of the language . This is the only content of the concept of meaning for Davidson.
- - -
K. Glüer, Davidson zur Einführung, 1993
Glüer II 53
DavidsonVs social nature of meaning: idiolect in principle is also to be interpreted (via causal hypotheses).
Putnam / Kripke: causal theory: correct link word / object - DavdisonVsPutnam: Interpretation of whole sentences.
- - -
Rorty VI 419
DavidsonVsQuine/Rorty: rejects notion of "stimulus meaning" from: Like Newton’s attempt to soar to the "Newton of the mind ".
Instead: distal theory of meaning . There is no "central region " between linguistically formulated beliefs and physiology.
Dav I 95
Causal theory of meaning : meaning do not matter - only in learning, but then contingent (VsSKepticism).
I 99
DavidsonVsPutnam : that meanings are not in the head is not due to special names for natural kinds , but on broad social character of language.
- - -
K. Glüer, Davidson zur Einführung, 1993
Glüer II 50
Meaning / Davidson / Glüer : the interpretation is given by the fact that the semantic space of a sentence is located in the structure of sentences that make up the language - ( multiple language = truth - theories ) possible - Def Meaning / Davidson: then, is being the holder of this unique place in the macro structure of the language.
Glüer II 51
Meaning/Tarski/Davidson: Tarski-type theories are not based on meaning as defined entities ( per Davidson : Meaning ultimately not fixed ) - consequences: 1 DavidsonVsTaski: actually spoken language ultimately irrelevant - 2 the trivial thesis that meaning is conventional, must be abandoned.
- - -
Frank I 672
sunburn-example/Davidson: as sunburn is still a reddening of my skin, even though it was caused by the sun - not just external causation leads to the fact that meanings are not in the head - otherwise, pro Putnam: meanings not in the head , but rather simple prop. att.

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