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Exterior/interior, outside/inside (philosophy): the distinction is important in connection with statements. If the statement is within a system, it can be problematic to make an assertion about the system with that statement. See also circularity, self-reference, paradoxes, type theory, external questions.

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I 98
Recursion/within/without/Maturana: through recursive distinctions the observer can operate as if he moves outside his circumstances. (Self-reference, application of operations an operations).
I 113f
Unity/closed system/Maturana: within/without is only for the observer not by Input/Output describable, otherwise open system.
I 121
Distinction from hallucination for nervous system not possible, part of the cognitive domain of the observer.
I 183
Definition Life/Maturana: in ontogenetic drift push through a range of interference, while a constantly changing niche is realized. - Living System/lS: operates only in the present - is open for the passage of molecules (parts of autopoietic systems) - Purpose: part of the observer - living systems have no within/without - they are in the process of autopoiesis or disintegrated - Environment: is not "used" by the system - instead they bring their own niche out.
I 194
Life is knowledge - living systems are cognitive systems.

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Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realität Frankfurt 2000

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