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Propositional function: open sentence E.g. "Something is green", "x is green" - neither true nor false. A propositional function has an argument position (variable) in which an expression can be inserted. Only after inserting we can decide whether the then complete sentence is true or false.

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Bertrand Russell
Propositional functions/Russell / Godel: always have something ambiguous, because of the variables - (Frege: somewhat unsaturated).
I 26
Propositional function/Terminology/ Principia Mathematica/ Russell: if we want to speak of the Propositional function that "x is hurt" corresponds to, we will write: "x ^ is hurt" and "x is hurt" is an ambiguous value thereof.

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B. Russell/A.N. Whitehead
Principia Mathematica Frankfurt 1986

B. Russell
Das ABC der Relativitätstheorie Frankfurt 1989

B. Russell
Probleme der Philosophie Frankfurt 1967

B. Russell
Die Philosophie des logischen Atomismus
Eigennamen, U. Wolf (Hg), Frankfurt 1993

B. Russell
Wahrheit und Falschheit
Wahrheitstheorien, G. Skirbekk (Hg), Frankfurt 1996

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