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Propositional function: open sentence E.g. "Something is green", "x is green" - neither true nor false. A propositional function has an argument position (variable) in which an expression can be inserted. Only after inserting we can decide whether the then complete sentence is true or false.

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Bertrand Russell on Propositional Functions - Dictionary of Arguments

Propositional functions/Russell/Gödel: always have something ambiguous, because of the variables - (Frege: somewhat unsaturated).
I 26
Propositional function/Terminology/Principia Mathematica/Russell: if we want to speak of the Propositional function that "x is hurt" corresponds to, we will write: "x ^ is hurt" and "x is hurt" is an ambiguous value thereof. ((s) x^: class of x).
- - -
VI 73
Statement function/russell: any expression which has one or more indefinite parts and which becomes a statement when the indefinite part is determined. Example "x is red".
A propositional function can be always true (x = x, necessary), sometimes true (x = human, possible) or never true (x = unicorn, impossible).
VI 74
Some predicates can only be attributed to statement functions and not to statements.

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