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Statement: once a statement is made the utterer is committed to it. In contrast to this, a sentence can be thought of as a string of symbols that is no statement.

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Meg I 300
According to Hungerland
Presupposition/Strawson: Definition "S requires S": The truth of S is a necessary condition of the truth or falsity of the claim that S.
E.g. "All my children are fast asleep" presupposes "I have children."
David RyninVsStrawson: from this interpretation follows, paradoxically, that all prerequisite statements were true: it should be: S>S" and ~ S>S"; but it is also true that Sv~S. It follows: S".
In other words: (~ S"> ~ (Sv ~ S))> S is analytically true in a system of divalent propositional logic.
Horwich I 186
Statement/Strawson: ambiguous: a) Saying, speech act - b) the said, the content what is true or false - the plot is not w/f - AustinVsStrawson: s are the speech acts themselves which are w/f - or truth is attributed to speech acts.
Stra I 193
Statement/Strawson: more comprehensive than assertion.
I 205
Statement/Strawson: the binding part of the sentence is the sign of saying "Socrates is ..." - if this "is" is seen as autonomous, then no difference between A and B anymore.
II 246/47
Statement/Strawson: double meaning: a) what I say, b) my saying- truth, regardless of whether the utterance was made - StrawsonVsSpeech Act Theory: truth is not to be attributed to the event.

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