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Attributive/referential: difference in reference - attributive "whoever it is" (may not be identified) - referential the identified object.

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I 681
Attributive/Referential/Brandom: It is about the listener, not the speaker. - That is a matter of the significance which is assigned to a Tokening, not the significance based on its type. - Champagne e.g.: there must be an expression from the perspective of the listener, which the speaker might have used as well. - > de re / de dicto.
II 52/53
Verb: e.g. "to march": semantic interpretant: Function of object on possible worlds - adverb: E.g. "slow" function of (functions of objects on possible worlds) to (functions of objects on possible worlds) - then attributive: here the inference from "aF!" to "aF slow" is alright - not attributive: not alright e.g. "in someone's imagination".

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Bra I
R. Brandom
Making it exlicit. Reasoning, Representing, and Discursive Commitment, Cambridge/MA 1994
German Edition:
Expressive Vernunft Frankfurt 2000

Bra II
R. Brandom
Articulating reasons. An Introduction to Inferentialism, Cambridge/MA 2001
German Edition:
Begründen und Begreifen Frankfurt 2001

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