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Antirealism: (Michael Dummett) the thesis that it has to be possible to be shown through behavior that alternatives to an assumed fact could make a difference. In the case of undecidable sentences such as the number of geese on the Capitol this is not possible.

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Richard Rorty
Horwich I 462
Anti-realism / Dummett / RortyVsDummett: rather refers to values - realism rather to chairs -
Rorty I 305
Theory-dependence / truth / anti-realism / PutnamVsanti-realism: if truth depends on theory: - Problem: Extension is linked to truth. - X is in the extension of F iff "x is F" is true. - Problem: cChanging Extension is senseless. - justidied assertibility can change - PutnamVs equating truth with justified assertibility -
VI 406
per distinction realism / anti-realism: Dummett, Nagel (vsGadamer, VsDavidson)
Vs distinction realism / anti-realism: Rorty, Davidson.

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R. Rorty
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R. Rorty
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R. Rorty
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