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As if: the temporary assumption that things were so and so a) while it is not known whether this is so, b) while it is known that this is not the case. See also idealization, counterfactuals.
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as if / Physics / Science / Grice / Cartwright: - as if - should not lead to further questions. e.g. How closely are the oscillators packed? (Assuming one equates the radiating molecules in ammonium maser with electronic oscillators).
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as-if-Operator/Grice/Cartwright: The as-if operator has two functions: 1) written left of the operator: signifies existential import. 2) right: Description of that what we must know in order to apply a mathematical formulation. - (This is independent of the existential commitment). - The reason is that our fundamental equations do not dictate reality. - Multiple equations can be applied.

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N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

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