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Omniscience: the ability to know all statements. - Logical problem even the understanding of a logically true statement could could cause the requirement, that all logical consequences are known. E.g. Knowing the calculation rules would logically require that all the results are known.
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Paradox of omniscience / Poundstone: when the opponent is bluffing (e.g. chicken game, cars race toward each other) if the enemy is omniscient, you have the better cards - if you do not dodge the enemy has to do , because he knows it - o. occurs in the Bible several times: Adam, Cain, Saul, Moses provoke God - He responds that although there might be success in the short term, in the long term failure was to be expected - prisoner s Dilemma / cooperation: similar to chicken game: problem when both do the same thing - but the temptation to backslide is greater.
W. Poundstone
I W. Poundstone Im Labyrinth des Denkens, Reinbek 1995

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