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Everyday language: normal language, spoken within a community. Not strictly formalizable. Antonym to ideal language, formal language. - Theories of truth can only partly be applied to everyday language. See also truth definition, meaning theory, ideolect, Tarski.

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EMD II 189ff
Everyday language/Strawson problem: the relations between action ascribing sentences are not to be understood in the predicate calculus like the relations in which the sentences of Davidson's scheme are.
II 194
Solution/Strawson: adverbial access: direct - we cannot understand everyday language sentences (SS) in one respect, without recognizing them as equivalent to Davidson's (DS).
II 196
Only difference: in the Davidson's scheme, the constellations are only clearer, but they are also present in the everyday language sentences - so that we can then introduce a control system for the everyday language - (without having to require control).
II 197
Quotation marks show that everyday language sentences have a different but equivalent structure - solution: theory of naming with attached predication shows how the structures intersect.
II 198
Actions and events generally suffer the identity dependency of substances.

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Str I
P.F. Strawson
Einzelding und logisches Subjekt Stuttgart 1972

Str IV
P.F. Strawson
Analyse und Metaphysik München 1994

Str V
P.F. Strawson
Die Grenzen des Sinns Frankfurt 1981

G. Evans/J. McDowell
Truth and Meaning Oxford 1977

Ev I
G. Evans
The Varieties of Reference (Clarendon Paperbacks) Oxford 1989

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