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Actualism: in relation to worlds the thesis that only our own world is real. - Counter-position essentialism.
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III 8/9
Actualism/Armstrong per: not assuming possible things under any circumstances - but past + future are real and do exist - truthmaker must be actual.
III 125
Anti-Actualism/Armstrong: (E.g. uninstantiated idiosyncratic reaction between particles with high probability) - someone might say, "there might also have been a different reaction" the SaD applies - Armstrong: someone like this assumes non-actual physically possible states that also involve ED - because they are part of the ontology, they are defined - ArmstrongVs: extreme non-actualism - solution: instead: non-factualism: there are no facts here - that is why the SaD fails here.
III 135
Actualism/Probability/Armstrong: rejects irreducible potentialities (possibilia) - (Armstrong ditto) - Question: Is probability not merely an unrealized possibility? - ArmstrongVs: it is a fact which other categorical properties the object has.

AR II = Disp
D. M. Armstrong

Dispositions, Tim Crane, London New York 1996

D. Armstrong
What is a Law of Nature? Cambridge 1983

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