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Intention: the will to commit an act, as opposed to a random occurrence of such an event. See also motives, causation, will.

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I 70ff
Gricean Intention/names/Reference/Putnam: (continuation of the example, see there) names are inserted in the primitive language by Gricean intention:
1. The speaker will induce the belief that he refers2(sic) to the description, under which the name was originally introduced.
2. The fact that this description could be replaced by any other that fulfills what has been described in terms of the original introduction in a hypothetical situation. - N.B.: this is a chain of transfers involving the use of reference2(sic) and thus does not require reference3. - Therefore the use of intentions - to refer - is not circular in the formulation of the causal theory of reference.
Question: have the rising terms of reference only family resemblance?
II 73
N.B. of all examples: sentences are only accepted in the long term if they are true.

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