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Learning: learning is acquiring the ability to establish relationships between signs, symptoms or symbols and objects. This also includes e.g. recognition and recollection of patterns, similarities, sensory perceptions, self-perception, etc. In the ideal case, the ability to apply generalizations to future cases is acquired while learning. See also knowledge, knowledge-how, competence.

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Brocker I 932
Learning/Commercialisation/Advertising/Naomi Klein: Sportswear companies equip school teams with appropriate shoes and tracksuits and hamburger and pizza chains operate sales outlets in school canteens. In class, students design advertising campaigns for fast food and Coca-Cola. Klein also uses the "Branding of Learning"(1) concept to prevent pharmaceutical companies from publishing disagreeable research results or to allocate task-specific research funds to industry-financed professorships.
Question: "Why so many leftists in the battle for the commercialization of the
Brocker I 933
Universities are missing". Explanation/Klein: "All-encompassing gender and race debates of the so-called political correctness wars"(2) have distracted from the sell-out of universities as places of public and commercially free education.

1. Naomi Klein, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, Toronto 2000. (Tenth Anniversary Edition with a New Introduction by the Author, New York 32010.) Dt.: Naomi Klein, No Logo! Der Kampf der Global Players um Marktmacht – Ein Spiel mit vielen Verlierern und wenigen Gewinnern, Frankfurt/M. 2015 (zuerst 2001) p. 113
2. Ibid. p. 116

Christine Bauhardt, „Naomi Klein, No Logo! (2000)“ in: Manfred Brocker (Hg.) Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt/M. 2018

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Klein, Naomi
Brocker I
Manfred Brocker
Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert Frankfurt/M. 2018

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