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Mause I 222f
Money Supply/Keynesianism/KeynesianismVsFisher: From the perspective of recent Keynesian approaches, the commercial banking sector (...) could provide the money supply that is needed from the right side of the equation...

M x V = Y real x P Y = Y nom.

M: Money supply - V: Speed of circulation - P: Price level - T: Transactions - Y: Gross domestic product

... - i.e. from the amount produced and the prevailing prices - by reducing or expanding the production of bank deposits accordingly. In this case, the causal chain is completely reversed; it now runs from right to left in Fisher's traffic equation. If this is the case, other explanations for observable economic or inflation fluctuations must be provided and the direction of monetary policy must be adjusted accordingly.

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Mause I
Karsten Mause
Christian Müller
Klaus Schubert,
Politik und Wirtschaft: Ein integratives Kompendium Wiesbaden 2018

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