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Cultural industry/Horkheimer/Adorno/Habermas: according to Horkheimer and Adorno's ideas, communication flows controlled by the mass media take the place of those communication structures that once made public discussion and self-understanding of an audience of citizens and private individuals possible. The mass media represent an apparatus that completely penetrates and masters everyday communicative language. On the one hand, it transforms the authentic contents of modern culture into the stereotyped and ideologically effective stereotypes of a mass culture that merely doubles the existing; on the other hand, it consumes the culture purified from all subversive and transcendental moments for a comprehensive system of social control imposed on individuals that partly reinforces, partly replaces the weakened internal controls of behavior. The functioning of the cultural industry should be mirrored in the functioning of the psychic apparatus, which, as long as the internalization of paternal authority was still functioning, had subjected the driving nature to the control of the superego as technology had subjected the external nature of its domination.

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Jürgen Habermas
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