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Degrees of freedom: Degrees of freedom are dimensions in which an object can move without this movement being dependent on its movement in other dimensions. In the social sciences, the terms "movement" and "dimension" are sometimes used metaphorically, with an emphasis on independence.

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Habermas IV 396
Degrees of freedom/Parsons/Sociology/Habermas: By switching to media-controlled interactions, the actors gain new degrees of freedom. ((s) In this context, media are non-linguistic means of communication such as money that makes the acceptance or rejection of an offer independent of a price of linguistic communication.)
Habermas: instead of the participants having to rely on their willingness to cooperate, an objective attitude towards the action situation and a rational orientation towards the consequences are expected.
Degrees of freedom/Parsons: 1. the trader (buyer) can use his money for any good available on the market, 2. he can consider different sources of supply, 3. he can freely choose the time of purchase, 4. he can determine the conditions in relation to time and source of supply. For comparison: In the case of the exchange of goods (without the medium of money) there are fewer degrees of freedom: here the searcher is more dependent on the offer and the circumstances. (1)

1.T. Parsons, Social Theory and Modern Society, NY 1967, S. 307

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