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James Hutton on Time - Dictionary of Arguments

Gould II 83
Time/Geology/James Hutton/Gould: James Hutton was an English geologist who developed two concepts: that of "deep time" and that of "restoration". (1) e.g. all rivers flow into the sea and it doesn't get any fuller.
Gould II 85
Hutton recognized the eruptive nature of two widespread rocks: Basalt and granite. (This inspired Goethe. - > Neptunists.)
Gould II 89
Hutton: Thesis: If these rocks can pour over most of the earth, time could be cyclical and long. (According to the contemporary opinion, the earth was only a few thousand years old.)
There was a paradox for Hutton: although the earth is necessary for our life, it must be destroyed and inevitably so, insofar as it is destroyed by those processes that serve the purpose of "the restoring power".

1. Hutton, James,

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