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Gould I 255 ff
Laws/Haeckel/Evolution/Gould: Ernst Haeckel: Definition "Biogenetic Basic Law": Thesis: Ontogenesis recapitulates phylogeny. This means that each animal passes through all stages of its own family tree during its embryonic stage. Human embryos, for example, should then have gills which they lose before birth.
Gould I 256
GouldVsHaeckel: At the turn of the century this theory perished, because the rediscovered Mendelian laws made it seem untenable. However, their shine had faded long before, because it was impossible to keep the fact that traces of precursors could always be distinguished from newer embryonic adaptations.
Too many stages of development were lacking, too many others were confused.

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Haeckel, Ernst
Gould I
Stephen Jay Gould
The Panda’s Thumb. More Reflections in Natural History, New York 1980
German Edition:
Der Daumen des Panda Frankfurt 2009

Gould II
Stephen Jay Gould
Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes. Further Reflections in Natural History, New York 1983
German Edition:
Wie das Zebra zu seinen Streifen kommt Frankfurt 1991

Gould III
Stephen Jay Gould
Full House. The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, New York 1996
German Edition:
Illusion Fortschritt Frankfurt 2004

Gould IV
Stephen Jay Gould
The Flamingo’s Smile. Reflections in Natural History, New York 1985
German Edition:
Das Lächeln des Flamingos Basel 1989

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