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Neoteny: Here the connotation of neoteny is relevant Continuation of youth characteristics in the adult organism.

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Gould I 105
Neoteny/Konrad Lorenz thesis: we do not react to wholenesses or shapes, but to a group of special mechanisms that act as triggers. (Lorenz,"Ganzheit und Teil", 1950, acces date 10.01.2018) It is known that birds in particular react to abstract features and not to figures.
Lorenz points to the widespread diminutive forms for animal names in German, which carry the characteristics of infants ending in diminutive, although these animals are often larger than their close relatives, without such characteristics: e.g. robins, squirrels, rabbits.
E.g. Steeply rising, slightly bulging rocks or dark thunderclouds have exactly the same expressive value as a human being with the corresponding characteristics.
Gould I 106
Lorenz: the characteristic so essential for the humanity of the real man is to remain a person in the process of becoming, is undoubtedly a gift that we owe to the neoteny of humans.

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K. Lorenz
On Aggression

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German Edition:
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Gould IV
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