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Gould I 88ff
Altruism/Wynne-Edwards: He realized that his thesis was vehemently contradictory to Darwin's thesis because it presupposes that certain individuals forego reproductive activity in favour of the group. (1)
Gould: literally all of Wynne-Edwards' examples can be reformulated into evidence of individual selfishness.
For example, a bird sounds a warning cry and warns the group. According to the "group theoreticians", the animal has put itself in danger by drawing attention to itself. There are dozens of opinions that do not support this view: for example, the animal disappears in the ascending swarm.
I 92
For example, theory of selection at the level of the clan. Siblings have on average half of the same genes. So whoever dies to save three immediate relatives will thereby transmit 150 % of himself to his descendants.
GouldVsWynne-Edwards: nevertheless, this is a form of individual selection as represented by Darwinism.

1. V. C. Wynne-Edwards

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